Wedding Floor Fillers

Welcome to our 2nd Wedding Floor Fillers – Ultimate Wedding DJ’s playlist! This wedding DJ playlist is focused on the sweet sounds of Funk & Soul, Motown & Northern Soul. We know there are lots of popular tracks that didn’t make the list. But those that did are sure to keep the dance floor busy. If you do have suggestions please leave them in the comments! Funk & Soul, Motown and Northern is great in the first part of any wedding DJ gig because it is not too heavy and the majority of people are familiar with the music. So it gets everyone into the music and sets the tone the the night. This playlist has been compiled by Dance Off Mobile DJs who have over 5 years of wedding DJ experience and are based in Gloucestershire, UK. For more wedding floor fillers playlists in other styles/genres please head back to our blog page here. If you need a wedding DJ get in touch!

Wedding Floor Fillers | Funk, Soul, Motown & Northern Soul Track list: