Wedding Floor Fillers

Dance Off Mobile DJs Gloucestershire have put togehter this wedding floor fillers playlist focusing on the best 70s/80s Disco/Boogie classics. Disco music always goes down well for wedding DJ’s. Most people have grown up listening to Disco at weddings and parties so it is familiar to all ages. Disco is always upbeat, catchy, positive and easy to dance to. Some of the best known artists who have sold millions of records worldwide made disco hits. Disco has a rich history in both music and culture worldwide and has influenced almose every music style since especially Dance music. We recommend ‘When Disco Ruled the World’ documentary is you haven’t seen it. We hope you enjoy our wedding floor fillers playlist. If you are a wedding DJ and we missed your favourite track please leave us a comment. 

This  wedding floor fillers playlist was compiled by Dance Off Mobile DJs. Dance Off Gloucestershire have over 5 years of Wedding DJ experience including over 150 5 star reviews. Get in touch if you are looking for a wedding DJ!

Wedding Floor Fillers | Disco Tracklist: